Weedipus – ‘Broken Boy’

Broken Boy, the new single from Barnsley dreampop band Weedipus, is deliciously captivating. Reminiscent of Wolf Alice, but distinctly more shoegazey, this track draws you in with a gritty guitar riff and then lifts you skyward with its dreamy vocals. The crashing drums and grungy guitar smash over each other, interweaving beautifully with a clearly talented female vocalist, her voice an ethereal wail. This track makes you nod your head, tap your foot, but also close your eyes and sink deeply into the sound. It’s conflicting, making you want to simultaneously dive into a mosh pit and take a minute to lie down and collect your thoughts, but it works. The track contains a thoughtful build to a sped up finish, rightly ending on a confident and satisfying note that leaves a lasting impression, not a mere fade out into what would perhaps feel like a let down for this solid track. 

Taking us out of claustrophobic lockdown and elevating us to some higher, dreamlike plain, Broken Boy is a welcome escape in the current climate. It’s cool, catchy and hazy, a song that you can play again and again but still want more. We can’t wait to hear it in a Yorkshire venue with a warm pint in hand. Oh, and kudos for a great band name too.