The Reytons – ‘Expectations Of A Fool’

South Yorkshire’s The Reytons are quickly becoming notorious within the world of indie-rock, and it is increasingly obvious as to why they are gaining such popularity when looking at some of the gems they’ve released. 

The Reytons embody that working-class rebellion and their music unapologetically stems from the same rich Sheffield vein that the Arctic Monkeys first championed over a decade ago. With their debut album Kids Off The Estate set to be released in September of this year, the Yorkshiremen have hit us with an amazing new single entitled Expectations Of A Fool. The forthcoming album’s lead track sees The Reytons deliver a cleaner, more pop-inspired track, with production differing from previous releases by the band. 

With Expectations Of A Fool, the guitar chords are defined and infinitely sharper when compared to previous tunes like Red Smoke, which is far more distorted and aggressive in nature. It is a credit to the band that they are able to pull off such a range of styles and Expectations Of A Fool is sonically very refreshing. It’s a statement of intent from The Reytons as they venture into new musical territory. 

The drum pattern remains simply punchy throughout and provides an enjoyable backbeat without the need for complicated crescendos. In regards to vocals, lead singer Jonny Yerrell definitely creates a calmer, more relaxed tone with his delivery, not without a feeling of angst still permeating throughout. 

Overall, Expectations Of A Fool is a wonderful listening experience and the upcoming album will undoubtedly be so too. When asked about their forthcoming LP, the band explained: “We’re really looking forward to the album, not just because it’s our debut, but because the release date (24th Sep) marks the start of our tour and we can go back to doing what we love! Expectations of a Fool is the second single with a totally different vibe to what we’ve released in the past.”

Check out the video for Expectations Of A Fool below: