The Delta North’s debut EP is an intriguing classic rock, pop-punk fusion. Monotony (mostly) avoided.

Image: Facebook

The love-child of Pearl Jam and a contemporary mish-mash of mid-noughties pop punk acts, Leeds four-piece The Delta North make quite the impression with their versatile self-titled EP. A four track collection that breathes flavour and potential, the 2020 release is significant in setting the quartet on the path to prominence.

Introducing us to the world of The Delta North with lead track “The Colour of Fools”, the song begins with hair-raising guitar that takes the listener’s full attention. Followed by pummelling drums, a brooding bass line and glassy vocals from vocalist Pete Warden, the band’s deep rock influences instantly shine through.

In “Beautiful World”, Warden’s distinctive vocal style is platformed by the rebellious rock n’ roll instrumentals laid down by members Speight, Bellwood and Shad, which together create a more classic American rock sound. However, with the use of soaring backing vocals and a catchy lead guitar hook, this track is not without elements of pop-rock, proving that The Delta North’s eponymous EP has a little bit of something for everyone.

Penultimate track “Plug In” keeps the flame burning strong as the EP nears its climax. The track is successful in justifying The Delta North’s consistency in sticking to what they know, without causing the album to fall into the dreaded realms of musical monotony. The song signifies yet another return to the band’s pure rock roots, sporting a rumbling bass line that grounds the facile vocals, guitar and percussion.

Concluding with another melodic guitar track, “Hold Up” serves as the final bow to an ample debut from the UK newcomers. Guitarist Jon Speight taking centre stage, the coda closes the EP as cool and collected as it began.