Soundwave meets: Mollie Coddled

Image credit: Misha Warren

Mollie Coddled is bringing a fresh scent to the male-dominated northern music scene and pioneering the bedroom pop revival. The Leeds-based musician set the bar high last year, racking up over 100k streams on Spotify, and playing a wide range of shows across the country. 

This year will seem to follow suit for Mollie as she hits the road next month to play her first headline tour. I caught up with her to talk about her sound, inspirations and plans for the future.

Firstly, how’re you doing? What have you got in mind for this year?

I’m doing great thanks! I’m playing my first headline tour in March! Manchester – Saturday 4th March, London – Thursday 9th March, & Leeds – Saturday 11th March! Festival-wise, Liverpool Sound City and more are to be announced.

What about actual releases can we expect new music soon?

I’m doing a lot of writing and producing at the minute and just getting everything sounding sick, expect to hear lots of new songs at gigs! If you want to hear new music, come see me on tour!

Obviously, you produce everything yourself so what’s the process to starting a track?

It’s usually me feeling really sad, that’s how it usually starts off…you know how it is haha.

I don’t really write lyrics first. It’s usually chords and then I will kind of restyle lyrics over the top. I guess it’s kind of like journaling. Kind of just like getting out what I want to say without having to say it to other people.

What’s changed in your music since you dropped your first EP ‘The Halo Effect?’

I did the first full EP on my own and a lot of the songs that I wrote on that, I wrote when I was like 17?  A lot of my inspiration from that EP was early bedroom pop like Clairo, Boy Pablo, so Lo-Fi Pop! Comparing ‘The Halo Effect’ to ‘i wanna go home’, my producing style has changed a lot; in a good way, I think, haha!

You’ve mentioned your earlier inspirations, who are your favourite artists right now?

Lowertown is up there right now, let me look through my Spotify quickly sorry. This is a really hard question, Dexter, she’s really good! And I love Jockstrap!

You’re about to go on your first headline tour which is exciting, how’re you feeling about it all?

The nerves haven’t kicked in yet but I’m really excited! I’ve obviously  headlined loads in Leeds but never in Manchester or London so that’s fun and exciting, but scary. It’s going to be great!

With the tour being mentioned, what are your favourite venues to play at?

I played a DORK gig at Camden Assembly in London and that was really fun, the venue is so cool! I do love Belgrave (Leeds) and Hyde Park Book Club (Leeds) which is where I’m playing on tour because it’s actually like, the best! And YES in Manchester, which is where I’m playing on tour too! 

Tickets are now available for Mollie’s headline tour, get your tickets now!