Soft Jocks – ‘Sinking Dingers’

Dropping digitally and on vinyl March 12th, Soft Jocks combine pop-punk, garage, punchy lyrics and raw energy with their EP Sinking Dingers. No strangers to the DIY vibe, Soft Jock bring out the big guns with hit singles such as ‘Lemon’ and ‘Love Like Elvis’, whilst they offer stand out tracks that will surely be cemented as favourites very quickly.

The EP opens with ‘Love Like Elvis’, a brilliant mesh of pop-punk lyricism and grungy garage fuzz that shows off a catchy chorus and addictive riff, both brought to life with ad-libs which evidence the band’s ability to come across as natural and, to put it simply, fun. It’s an opener with bite and perfectly demonstrates what’s to come.

‘Big Chew’ features the fuzz and feedback that have become associated with Soft Jocks since the release of ‘Lemon’, adding a characteristic narrative to Sinking Dingers. The track itself is reminiscent of summer and is full of joy, captivating the listener with its memorable rhythm. ‘Trip To Venus’ emulates punk; quick and vicious, with an emotive vocal performance, it’s a real highlight that somehow feels so much bigger than it is. The pacing creates an experience that’s positively imposing in the best way possible. Edge without ever feeling overwhelming, it is an essential listen from the EP.

‘Drive Away Movie’ slows the EP down with an utterly charming spirit that feels very 2000s indie (see: The Kooks), primarily due to the harmonies featured in the backing, but Soft Jocks never lose the essence of themselves. In particular, this song is addictive and will have you repeatedly listening, thanks to the riffs and simple-yet-effective swells.

Arriving at ‘Lemon’, then – a piece Soundwave previously reviewed as a single – it remains a “bouncy pop-punk” track with a “boatload of charm and compelling nods to influencing sub-genres”. It is a real example of how, no matter the song, Soft Jocks never fail to come across as authentic; their performances never feel dragged out or gimmicky but rather wholly genuine.

‘Muhafuck (Cop Porn)’ revives the chaotic punk energy, turning an under two-minute track into a whirlwind of chant worthy, angst-ridden lyrics and in-your-face instrumentals. It feels pure and entirely takes advantage of the production used to create something akin to a loud live performance, filled to the brim with attitude and grit.

The EP closes on ‘Shower Song’, which screams dirty alt-rock with feeling. With a spoken word vocal performance making an appearance, it taps into the grungy energy mentioned before. Sludgy and impassioned, it makes for a culmination of the entirety of ‘Sinking Dingers’, making it the perfect closing track.

Overall, Soft Jocks have succeeded in building upon their influences to create a loud, angsty and authentic experience. Each track offers different nuances and exploration into the limitless world of DIY sound. ‘Sinking Dingers’ is perfect for releasing some pent-up rage during lockdown.

The 12″ vinyl will include 2020’s debut EP ‘Socking Dinners’ on the B Side and is pressed onto eco mix vinyl. This process uses leftover pellets from other jobs to save on waste and give every copy an utterly unique colour mix. The vinyl is now available to pre-order via Elephant Arch Records Bandcamp.