Soft Jocks – ‘Lemon’

Soft Jocks keep things short, fast-paced and straightforward with their latest track ‘Lemon’, and it more than pays off. The Leeds-based band, signed to Sheffield’s own Elephant Arch Records, offer up a bouncy pop-punk melody with a chant-worthy chorus that emulates the feel of summer freedom in the best way possible.

Considering that ‘Lemon’ is a total of 1 minute 39 seconds, Soft Jocks have done well to strike a balance between effectively filling every moment with high-octane, frantic instrumentals without suffocating the song. What’s left is a masterclass in excellent pacing and raw vocals that make the whole thing feel genuine.

With interesting lyrics and production that makes the experience of listening to this single a wired-in ride of distorted amps and snare rolls, ‘Lemon’ makes for a fun encounter in a restricted genre. Whilst not re-inventing the wheel, the offering of an upbeat, feel-good alt track is nothing to sneer at, especially one with a boatload of charm and compelling nods to sub-genre influences.

Overall, ‘Lemon’ is fun, endearing and worth a listen, especially if stuck inside on a dull day, or if you’re feeling rather rebellious, which everyone can relate to at least once in a while.