Peter Cat – ‘The Saccharine Underground’

Peter Cat brings the world a refreshing take on alternative music, with strong infusions of glam rock and 80’s pop synths, ‘The Saccharine Underground’ is a fun forty-two minutes to enjoy regardless of your favoured genres.

The whole album radiates somewhat surreal energy, highlighted by the baritone vocals dripping with odd inflexions that makes for some fantastic storytelling. With a perfect demonstration of range through ballads such as ‘The Day After The Funeral’, and poetic experiences shown in ‘Planet Perfecto’, this is a beautiful debut record that will stick with listeners.

On the surface, ‘The Saccharine Underground’ seems like a simple alternative rock album; opening track ‘The Big House’ introduces itself with upbeat guitars and sweet, stripped back melodies that complement the vocal sections. With flowing build-ups that dissolve to show off lyricism tainted with a melancholic edge, the album sets itself up well without immediately divulging Peter Cat’s true potential. The ability to blend light-hearted instrumentals with forlorn words shines through consistently in the debut.

Never feeling lost or out of place, Peter Cat takes the listener on a journey of romanticised existence with enough polish to keep it grounded in reality. Said journey ends on an album stand-out with ‘Plant Perfecto’; this behemoth of a song leans more towards a piece of performance art than a simple track. Peter Cat speaks over rhythmic backing, alluding to feelings of wonderment and dread towards the subject. The listener is kept engaged for the whole 8 minutes or so with drastic changes of instrumentals that maintain the same feel throughout. The utilisation of synths is powerful and aids the almost wistful tone, culminating in a strong end to the album as a whole. If anything, this is The Saccharine Underground’s magnum opus.

Overall, Peter Cat’s debut is intense, sad and satisfying. Intelligent lyrics that exude despondent undertones, bouncy instrumentals that keep the album on track and subjects taken straight out of dealing with living day to day, ‘The Saccharine Underground’ is a must listen.

Listen to The Saccharine Underground HERE