Ocean Floor – ‘Wet Socks’

‘Wet Socks’, a new single by the North Eastern band ‘Ocean Floor’, is a highly relatable and easy-to-dance to tune, while the sound doesn’t differ from the band’s positive and atmospheric feel conveyed through their previous releases.

In this track, this vibe is created by the clean sound of Phoebe Kirkam’s guitar and soft backing vocals. The lead singer Alfie Bingham’s tone also really suits this genre and adds to the overall emotions of the song as you can tell it is sung from someone who can really identify with the narrative. The almost ethereal sounding bridge (which highlights Kirkham’s spacey and light backing vocals) allows a break between catchy choruses for the listener to take a moment and reflect on the song’s message which touches on themes of disillusionment, monotony and on groundhog type days, rather un-ironic of the times we’re living through today.

It is important to identify and write about small and easily empathised problems in order to connect with the listeners and create a soundtrack to everyday life. This song has done just that. This uplifting sounding single has cleverly placed negative messages hidden in the lyrics about how tenuous life can seem when you are doing the same thing over and over. They also intelligently highlight easy mistakes we all make when tired, like putting milk in the cupboard, scraping cutlery into the bin and showering with your socks still on. 

Overall, ‘Wet Socks’ is worth a listen and a dance to when in need of reminding that we all go through rough days and sometimes, that’s what makes us human.