MeMe Detroit – ‘Mean Rock n Roller’

Out on October 30th, the latest single from Birmingham-based rock duo MeMe Detroit takes their genre back to basics, naturally stripping away everything unnecessary to make the perfect rock tune. Simple lyrics, lots of profanity, combined with catchy, whiney guitar licks and fast paced, hard-hitting drums ticks all the boxes. Though, these classic punk rock elements which embroil the song represent only half of the new single.

Progressive undertones of prominent guitar and drums are injected from the beginning yes, but not before taking a back seat in the face of quietened, teasing vocals. A softened verse or two from multi-instrumentalist MeMe builds the song apprehensively before it cascades into a whirlwind of synth; high-pitched keys strike the listener unexpectedly as the song shifts dynamic and genre alike, evolving into almost an electro-pop soundtrack emblematic of any 80s arcade game title screen.

It is these two contrasting foundations of the song which make MeMe Detroit’s single so differential and unique. The talented partnership impressively do justice to two opposing genres, and yet are still able to marry them together in a way which would encourage just about anyone to get up and dance. With features already on Kerrang! Radio and with attention spiked from BBC Introducing, the multi-genre prowess of MeMe and drummer Kallum McEwen is not going unnoticed.

If MeMe Detroit were to take after illustrious duos from the last decade, they’ve no doubt got a long way to go. But if they’re to continue making tunes capable of mixing the best parts of music together as they have done here, MeMe Detroit are certainly on their way to creating something astounding. Catch the release of new single ‘Mean Rock n Roller’ on October 30th and follow MeMe Detroit’s socials to be the first to hear news of their latest music.