L’Objectif – ‘Annual Event’

Bursting open with an intimidating, grungey bass line, the track sets the scene for a thrashy post-punk soundscape. Yet, the contrasting introduction of delicate reverb-filled guitar melodies and shadowy vocals soon creates a dramatic balance between its heavier elements.

The track’s dark aura radiates a strong melancholic ambience, which in itself tightens your chest even before you’ve delved deeply into the lyrics. The emotion-shrouded vocals have a refreshing feel to them as they differ from a predictable clean-cut style by instead taking more of a placid, mumble-like approach to the melody. With the vocals backed by persistent cymbals, a tight rhythm section and intricate guitar riffs decorated with prismatic effects, the track suggests there’s even more mystery within the mind of the narrative itself.

The range of imposing influences conjures a seriously impressive sound, incorporating experimental elements of psychedelia and shoegaze-inspired tranquillity into the post-punk track. The abundance of conflicting layers amongst the unity of such stylistic elements certainly highlights the creativity of the band’s composition by creating a distinguished, yet uniquely exciting sound.