Late Night Legacy – ‘Crystal Blue’

Late Night Legacy are alt-rock with a real sense of fun. Not shying away from riff-heavy compositions, the band dip their releases in rock and alt influences that add to the electric listening experience, helping to highlight their sound no matter the setting.

‘Crystal Blue’ is a perfect example of all this and more. The single is catchy right from the start with a riff that features throughout; it carries the track without ever feeling repetitive or overused. The high energy is maintained from beginning to end, complimented perfectly by a strong vocal performance that ebbs and flows effortlessly.

The whole song feels natural, and boasts the perfect sing-along vibe, making ‘Crystal Blue’ a prime example of any good garage rock track; it never feels like it’s taking itself too seriously, inviting anyone to join in and soak up the infectious joy it projects.

With influences from the likes of The Hunna and Frank Carter & The Rattlesnakes, it’s clear to see that Late Night Legacy are fully realised and ready to propel their own spin on an ever-growing genre. Overall, ‘Crystal Blue’ is a track that will get you jumping about and singing along no matter what lockdown blues you’re experiencing. If you’re a fan of garage alt-rock, add these guys to your playlists.