Langkamer – ‘Full Contact’

Langkamer, a Bristol-based band of 2 years, released their ironically-titled newest single ‘Full Contact’ during the isolated no-touching normality of today’s global pandemic. The single opens with a strongly driven bass line, complimented by some country-esque chords. Lyrics such as “spit shine on your school shoes” and “28 and your homework’s still due” bring senses of nostalgia from passed generations in an old-timey fashion, enlightened by the vocalist’s raspy, signature tone and the touches of Mississippi blues in the chorus’ guitar riff.

The use of a simplistic, one-line chorus and an uplifting, vibrant flow makes this tune stick in your head – pinning ‘Full Contact’ as a hit that would only sound better when enjoyed live. The harmonies of the second verse and backing vocals which follow are a pleasant accompaniment to the mix of instruments, adding more of an authentic feel, unlike some of the genre’s more heavily produced songs commonly heard on a day-to-day basis.

The middle eight allows for a head-bopping climax that ties off the song on a high, bringing back the drive of the bass to close what is overall a nostalgia-filled, feel-good track.

Due to the ongoing circumstances, Langkamer were unable to tour across Belgium and France, while they’ve missed out on performing at festivals this year, such as Dot to Dot and Long Division. Though, with Langkamer’s unique mix of instrumentals and their fuzzy yet comforting sound, their music easily sets them apart from other bands in their area, and with ‘Full Contact’, they’ll undoubtedly be a success on their return to the post-lockdown gig scene.