Photo: Parri Thomas

KAWALA – ‘Chasing/Wasting Time’ & ‘1,000,000 X Better’

Photo: Parri Thomas

North London based band, Kawala have once again worked their indie folk magic with their latest release Chasing/Wasting Time, and in their sun-drenched cover of Griff and HONNE’s 2020 track, 1,000,000x Better.

The former single follows the band’s trademark soft vocal harmonies courtesy of Jim Higson and Daniel McCarthy. Keeping with the distinctive sound the duo has been perfecting since their time studying in Leeds, the track resembles a similar rhythm to that of their 2018 song, Do It Like You Do.

It would be fair to say that KAWALA have had a remarkable journey. Starting as a duo, now a five-piece, the group have played numerous gigs, and have recently graced the main stage at Leeds and Reading in 2019. Chasing/Wasting Time echoes the band’s personal struggles in making it within the music industry. The reflection of the lyrics is somewhat overshadowed by the infectious, bubbly melody that listeners cannot help but dance to. 

Teasing fans with their upcoming mixtape, the band also recently dropped their take on the electronic Griff and HONNE track, 1,000,000 X Better. Adding an acoustic, laid back beat accompanied with the signature stunning vocals, the cover will definitely make listeners feel just that much better.