I AM LONO – ‘Hollow Ghosts’

I AM LONO are a post-punk band with bite! With hints of new wave and goth influences, their latest EP Hollow Ghosts is a pleasant, fuzz-ridden lesson on how to do modern synth-rock well.

Each track encountered on Hollow Ghosts has a unique feel, playing around with different combinations of pacing and melodies that are otherwise kept relatively cohesive with a steady, droning beat that drives the EP to fruition. The vocals drip with ethereal energy while synths surge and fully immerse the listener, conjuring up an image of a dystopian broadcast having hacked a party’s sound system.

An absolute stand out of the collection is ‘Simone’. It’s a rough lament, highlighted with an intense vocal performance and downright enjoyable synth sections that really adds some personality to the EP. ‘Simone’ seems to flow with high-octane emotion and ever-building aggression that always feels controlled and appropriate. It complements the surrounding offerings well, feeling right at home between more chilled-out tracks.

Overall, Hollow Ghosts is a beautiful look into what modern post-punk can produce. The unique utilisation of synths, which avoids any wisps of nostalgia, is masterful; I AM LONOhave delivered a strong performance that everyone should take note of.

Hollow Ghosts’ is currently unreleased, but expect news of the EP being available to stream by following I AM LONO below.