Elkyn – ‘if only it was alright now’

‘If only it was alright now’, a new track by Leeds’ own Elkyn, has shown a gorgeous comprehension of the feeling of loneliness and regret. This song cements its deep meaning through the use of instruments and tone; mixing electric with acoustic guitar and having them intertwine creates a chilled, relaxing ambience.

The quiet dynamics seem calming and generate a picture of listening to this tune on a late night after a tough day, or perhaps reflecting on past wrongdoings. This genre and style really suits Elkyn’s airy style while his slightly raspy voice adds character to the overall piece.

This is definitely a song to listen to when a good cry is needed, though it can also just be appreciated for its base musical qualities. Melancholy lyrics mixed with the slow tempo allow the listener to relax and relate to what they are hearing.

The repetition of the words “If only it could be alright now,” combined with the light, higher harmonies in the background, emphasises the meaning behind the phrase. These seven words mean so much to different people as the song is open for interpretation to the listener, enabling you to relate to a struggle of your own.

In conclusion, Elkyn’s now most-streamed single generates powerful imagery in the head of the listener and expresses the mood and anxiety of not knowing if everything will be OK. Any fans of Bon iver, The Silversun Pickups, Hozier, Conan Gray or just everybody else that wants to listen to songs that provoke real emotion should definitely check out Elkyn.