Edited People – ‘Natural Disaster’

After a busy six months of rebranding, Leeds based alt-pop group Edited People have today released their intrepid new single ‘Natural Disaster’, which acts as a cornerstone for the band’s intriguing, pop fusion style.

Taking influence from indie-pop and electronica, Edited People’s unique sound blows a breath of fresh air into the standardised world of pop. Through utilising a contrasting range of instrumental styles, the layers of the track cement the group’s individuality, weaving amongst one another to create a varied, cool and exciting soundscape. The instrumentation sees driven guitars, dubstep-style electronic beats and grounding bass pads accompany soft, smokey vocals which discuss issues of self-worth and normalise the stigma that making mistakes is unacceptable.

Opening up with a synth melody played amongst spacey reverb, the ambient calmness is soon joined by electronic beats, hard bass tones and fuzzy guitar melodies that aptly lead you from verse to verse. With a constant degree of smoothness throughout the song, the chorus sees a surge of power fuel the fiery, electric vocals which emotively deliver the hard-hitting lyrics: ‘I’m feeling like I’m not enough, cause everything I do is wrong’.

The vocals in the track adapt to each section of the song, with the singer independently altering her tones and phrasing where appropriate, perfectly complimenting a range of static post effects to further increase the song’s wide assortment of texture.

Edited People have certainly demonstrated a unique, creativity with ‘Natural Disaster’, while the highly anticipated single has assuredly lived up to expectation. Serving as an empowering tool of inspiration, ‘Natural Disaster’ is set to see the beginning of a new and exciting journey for the band.

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