DENSE – ‘Abjection’

‘Abjection’ is a boiling pot of aggression, emotion and power that forces people to take note of who DENSE are. The EP consisting of four tracks maintains a high energy sound and adds nuances to each song, differentiating them without alienating any component of the record. Emulating the feel of an underground 90’s punk band with an injection of heavy grunge fuzz, the EP as a whole is a guttural experience that offers an impressive musicality, memorable breakdowns and impassioned vocals. ‘Abjection’ is a statement.

The first track ‘Calcium’ is a strong opener that lays down the tone and style of the EP very quickly. Steady, progressive drums back swellings of guitar and vocals alike, creating walls of sound that manage to still feel guided and with a point. One of the most impressive things about the EP as a whole is DENSE’s ability to conjure up these sections of immense sound that still maintain direction. At no point do these sections come across as fillers; instead, they seem to reinforce the intensity of the tracks. ‘Calcium’ also demonstrates that DENSE know how to build. With effective riffs and growing layers of instrumentation, the second half of ‘Calcium’ is a demonstration of how to bring a song to a satisfying conclusion.

The listener is further graced with heavy punk vocals in ‘Electric Chair’ and catchy melodies in ‘Dread’, but honestly, the standout of the whole EP has to be the end. ‘Cleanse/Despair’ combines everything displayed so far whilst taking it to another level. The changes of pace throughout create a dynamic encounter, but none of the basics are lost to ‘showing off’. It’s invigorating, powerful, and a definite end to the overall listening experience.

‘Abjection’, on the whole, is a fantastic serving of heavy guitar, modern punk and is not a record to be forgotten any time soon.