Cherry Fuzz Club – ‘Hot Bath’

Like the majority of the industry, Leeds’ own Cherry Fuzz Club have been cuttingly deprived of stages due to the worldwide pandemic that is COVID-19, just when the band were making promising inroads with a concoction of delicious new tunes. Luckily before lockdown hit, the boys managed to release their latest single.

Hot Bath screams psychedelic grunge straight from the nineties and, coupled with a strong vocal performance, it delivers. The track has a solid build throughout which provides a reliably fuzzy (Cherry Fuzz Club living up to their name) backing to lyrics of alienation, while a frantic ending solo brings it all nicely together. Subject matters of being left behind by friends and surviving day to day life aids this track’s deep feel, with peaks of emotion hitting rather heavy on the story of what seems to be the thoughts of someone just making it by.

Overall, this track stands out as it avoids clichés and offers something that feels truly nostalgic; the opening providing an enduring riff that subtly paves the way for swells of guitars and monotone feelings of anger from beginning to end. If you’re looking for a modern take on the sludge sound of mid-90’s Seattle, this is where to find it.