Boshe – ‘Daydreamer’

Dream pop with an electric personality, Daydreamer provides feelings of just that. Boshe’s whimsical vocals complement the twinkling 80’s-esq backing track very well without overwhelming it, maintaining a sweet but controlled sound. The opening and underlying resonant synths add a new layer to the ethereal melody, that being one of slight unease which accompanies the lyrical questioning of whether or not reality is just a daydream – perfectly fitting for a light-hearted Christopher Nolan movie, if there was ever such a thing.

Whilst the song doesn’t build, it’s overlapping tiers still allow for a dynamic experience which conjures up scenes from a coming-of-age fairytale story. Its full sound gives what could just potentially be another indie-pop song something more without compromising the peaceful atmosphere it creates. The outcome of all these elements combined is an interestingly pleasant, comtemporary piece which is well worth immersing yourself in.