Before Me – ‘Do You Feel’

Before Me are an up-and-coming alternative rock trio, based in Leeds. The group’s latest release, ‘Do You Feel’, is an exciting encapsulation of their talent, hard work and creativity which help to create a truly unique sound.

The title track is a melting pot of genres, one which straddles the border between electronic synth and indie rock. Blending a catchy melody with a powerful and articulate groove, ‘Do You Feel’ is a strong eponymous opener that hooks you in right from the start.

Before Me seem to have captured their own individual style, which they manage to effectively mix with self-evaluating lyrics about relationships and adolescence.

‘Can’t Sleep’ begins in a laidback style which encourages immediate head-bopping, before progressing into a classic rock chorus. This song would be at home in Leeds’ very own Key Club or Brudenell due to its captivatingly simple nature, while the guitar chords blend well with the drums to create a solid backdrop for the band to express more heartfelt lyrics.

The EP ends full circle with the song ‘Can You Feel’, which focuses on the similar notion of sentiment just like its predecessors. Building anticipation from the outset, the song erupts into another catchy chorus with huge sounding drums that help to create an effective wall of sound. It blends elements from bands such as Oceans, Green Day and The Hunna, helping it to fit comfortably into any indie rock playlist.

Before Me look like they’ve found their signature sound and are definitely ones to look out for in the future.

Soundwave’s pick: ‘Can You Feel’