Anyone worth one’s salt in the Leeds tattoo scene will know the name Demon Dance who, over the years, has not only established himself as one of the top tat-artists in the eyes of his fellow inner-city professionals and the tattoo community – but also among the ever-growing student scene.Continue Reading

Mustafa Khetty, the man behind Morpheus Project, is no stranger to different cultures and foreign lands. Delving into his vast plethora of musical knowledge, the Wall Street elite and IT whizz turned rising composer has incorporated influences from just about every corner of the globe into his music. With Khetty’sContinue Reading

Out on October 30th, the latest single from Birmingham-based rock duo MeMe Detroit takes their genre back to basics, naturally stripping away everything unnecessary to make the perfect rock tune. Simple lyrics, lots of profanity, combined with catchy, whiney guitar licks and fast paced, hard-hitting drums ticks all the boxes.Continue Reading

Photo: Robin Little / Redferns As far as impromptu gigs go, this one will take some beating. After opening surprise tickets to see these guys, I couldn’t wait to know when I was off to see Ellie Rowsell and the gang tear up London’s South End. The fact that theContinue Reading

Photo: Gary Mather I guess the perfect description of my excitement over the news of the Arctic Monkeys tour was me getting up early enough to have two laptops and my phone prepped for ticket release. Come the moment of rapture, I hit the refresh button on each of myContinue Reading

From the second the melodic ‘Singing in the Rain’ began playing through the main stage speakers in a typically eerie, Queens of the Stone Age fashion, a sense of electric anticipation disseminated amongst the crowd and I felt that this would be a performance I was unlikely to bare witnessContinue Reading

For fans of punk, or of music in general, Iggy Pop on stage at Finsbury Park resembled a living legend as he pranced around with no less energy than the previously-on-stage Run the Jewels rappers Killer Mike and El-P, despite being thirty-years their senior. My first impressions of Iggy Pop,Continue Reading

After waiting many years to see a childhood favourite of mine, The Hives did not disappoint. Instantly after jumping onto stage clad in half-black, half-white suits like a gang of an evil DC villain’s henchmen, the group broke into their loud and straight-to-the-point set. Where The Hives’ bassist and guitaristContinue Reading