Image: Josh Leveridge In August 2020, singer-songwriter and rapper Will Baddeley released his first EP ‘Expression of Thoughts’. He has since been preparing his future projects, two separate albums, and a string of concerts for 2021 and beyond. In preparation for what will undoubtedly be an important second half ofContinue Reading

Having reviewed their latest album “Weird Feelings”, Soundwave’s Adam Maghout was eager to meet up with the members of Leeds-based fuzz and garage rock outfit Magick Mountain. Having particularly enjoyed the cello cuts on the project, he decided to reach out specifically to Lins Wilson, the band’s guitarist, singer-songwriter (and occasionalContinue Reading

Mustafa Khetty, the man behind Morpheus Project, is no stranger to different cultures and foreign lands. Delving into his vast plethora of musical knowledge, the Wall Street elite and IT whizz turned rising composer has incorporated influences from just about every corner of the globe into his music. With Khetty’sContinue Reading

With the recent release of their debut single ‘Camomile Sea’ , WHAT? NAH are certainly making their mark within the ever-expanding world of math rock. Composed of saxophonist Edie Boon, guitarist Lewis Denver, bassist Ada Gilfoyle and drummer Mark Rochman, the Leeds-based quartet have opened a gateway for discovering thisContinue Reading

Babe Club have successfully tapped into the alt-rock, indie airwaves with their latest EP which undoubtedly establishes them among genre stalwarts like Wolf Alice, Clairo and Basement Revolver. Like their female-fronted counterparts, Babe Club use enchanting, delicate vocals to provide the perfect contrast to fuzzy, amped-up guitar and raw, punchyContinue Reading