Image: Alex Stark Ead Wood’s ‘Environmental’ begins with a punchy drum fill that sets the stage for roaring guitar leads reminiscent of prolific brit-pop bands like Blur and Oasis. The iconic sound gives way to a summer-y and vibrant chorus, which is punctuated by a very bright vocal delivery notContinue Reading

Image: William the Conquerer Released March 5th 2021, ‘Maverick Thinker‘ is a bluesy rock explosion that translates multiple facets of the ever-present genre into ten tracks – each with its own intent and a personality. The album was recorded at Los Angeles’ legendary Sound City Studios just before the worldContinue Reading

Image: Josh Leveridge In August 2020, singer-songwriter and rapper Will Baddeley released his first EP ‘Expression of Thoughts’. He has since been preparing his future projects, two separate albums, and a string of concerts for 2021 and beyond. In preparation for what will undoubtedly be an important second half ofContinue Reading

Image: Facebook The love-child of Pearl Jam and a contemporary mish-mash of mid-noughties pop punk acts, Leeds four-piece The Delta North make quite the impression with their versatile self-titled EP. A four track collection that breathes flavour and potential, the 2020 release is significant in setting the quartet on theContinue Reading

Image: The Reytons South Yorkshire’s The Reytons are quickly becoming notorious within the world of indie-rock, and it is increasingly obvious as to why they are gaining such popularity when looking at some of the gems they’ve released.  The Reytons embody that working-class rebellion and their music unapologetically stems fromContinue Reading

Image: Adam Macdonald The optimistically energetic East Midlands duo The Tin Pigeons have firmly established their position in the indie-pop scene with hit singles such as Steel and Sirens, each of which have amassed over 300,000 plays on Spotify alone. In the band’s Covid-19 tenure they followed suit with theirContinue Reading

Photo: Parri Thomas

Photo: Parri Thomas North London based band, Kawala have once again worked their indie folk magic with their latest release Chasing/Wasting Time, and in their sun-drenched cover of Griff and HONNE’s 2020 track, 1,000,000x Better. The former single follows the band’s trademark soft vocal harmonies courtesy of Jim Higson and Daniel McCarthy.Continue Reading

Expression of Thoughts is the debut EP from singer-songwriter and rapper Will Baddeley. It also features contributions from Hannah Fox on two of the tracks and Emilie Rachel on the closing, both of whom provide vocals to contrast with Will’s poetic delivery. Although this project is marketed as an EP, itContinue Reading

Dropping digitally and on vinyl March 12th, Soft Jocks combine pop-punk, garage, punchy lyrics and raw energy with their EP Sinking Dingers. No strangers to the DIY vibe, Soft Jock bring out the big guns with hit singles such as ‘Lemon’ and ‘Love Like Elvis’, whilst they offer stand outContinue Reading

Late Night Legacy are alt-rock with a real sense of fun. Not shying away from riff-heavy compositions, the band dip their releases in rock and alt influences that add to the electric listening experience, helping to highlight their sound no matter the setting. ‘Crystal Blue’ is a perfect example ofContinue Reading

‘Wet Socks’, a new single by the North Eastern band ‘Ocean Floor’, is a highly relatable and easy-to-dance to tune, while the sound doesn’t differ from the band’s positive and atmospheric feel conveyed through their previous releases. In this track, this vibe is created by the clean sound of PhoebeContinue Reading

Having reviewed their latest album “Weird Feelings”, Soundwave’s Adam Maghout was eager to meet up with the members of Leeds-based fuzz and garage rock outfit Magick Mountain. Having particularly enjoyed the cello cuts on the project, he decided to reach out specifically to Lins Wilson, the band’s guitarist, singer-songwriter (and occasionalContinue Reading

Since emerging in 2017, Bath-based alt-rockers Novatines have been a reliable source of grungy, high-octane tunes. Their latest single, ‘Honey’, provides exactly that, all within a neat, adrenaline-laced 2 minutes 15 seconds. Beginning with chugging electric guitars that sound like an audible embodiment of revving up the rock-n-roll genre, ‘Honey’Continue Reading

‘If only it was alright now’, a new track by Leeds’ own Elkyn, has shown a gorgeous comprehension of the feeling of loneliness and regret. This song cements its deep meaning through the use of instruments and tone; mixing electric with acoustic guitar and having them intertwine creates a chilled,Continue Reading

Peter Cat brings the world a refreshing take on alternative music, with strong infusions of glam rock and 80’s pop synths, ‘The Saccharine Underground’ is a fun forty-two minutes to enjoy regardless of your favoured genres. The whole album radiates somewhat surreal energy, highlighted by the baritone vocals dripping withContinue Reading

Mustafa Khetty, the man behind Morpheus Project, is no stranger to different cultures and foreign lands. Delving into his vast plethora of musical knowledge, the Wall Street elite and IT whizz turned rising composer has incorporated influences from just about every corner of the globe into his music. With Khetty’sContinue Reading

With the recent release of their debut single ‘Camomile Sea’ , WHAT? NAH are certainly making their mark within the ever-expanding world of math rock. Composed of saxophonist Edie Boon, guitarist Lewis Denver, bassist Ada Gilfoyle and drummer Mark Rochman, the Leeds-based quartet have opened a gateway for discovering thisContinue Reading

I AM LONO are a post-punk band with bite! With hints of new wave and goth influences, their latest EP Hollow Ghosts is a pleasant, fuzz-ridden lesson on how to do modern synth-rock well. Each track encountered on Hollow Ghosts has a unique feel, playing around with different combinations ofContinue Reading

Weird Feelings is the debut album of garage and fuzz rock outfit Magick Mountain. The record feels less like a beginning than anything, as even though it’s their first studio recorded, full-length album under the Magick Mountain brand, most people familiar with the Leeds music scene will probably know theContinue Reading

Babe Club have successfully tapped into the alt-rock, indie airwaves with their latest EP which undoubtedly establishes them among genre stalwarts like Wolf Alice, Clairo and Basement Revolver. Like their female-fronted counterparts, Babe Club use enchanting, delicate vocals to provide the perfect contrast to fuzzy, amped-up guitar and raw, punchyContinue Reading

Soft Jocks keep things short, fast-paced and straightforward with their latest track ‘Lemon’, and it more than pays off. The Leeds-based band, signed to Sheffield’s own Elephant Arch Records, offer up a bouncy pop-punk melody with a chant-worthy chorus that emulates the feel of summer freedom in the best wayContinue Reading

‘Abjection’ is a boiling pot of aggression, emotion and power that forces people to take note of who DENSE are. The EP consisting of four tracks maintains a high energy sound and adds nuances to each song, differentiating them without alienating any component of the record. Emulating the feel ofContinue Reading

Manchester band Everything Everything are no strangers to a conceptual album. Politically charged lyrics and rich synth melodies are what makes their music so distinctive. Picking up from A Fever Dream released in 2017, their fifth and most recent album strays from the socio-political concerns which immersed their previous work.Continue Reading

Out on October 30th, the latest single from Birmingham-based rock duo MeMe Detroit takes their genre back to basics, naturally stripping away everything unnecessary to make the perfect rock tune. Simple lyrics, lots of profanity, combined with catchy, whiney guitar licks and fast paced, hard-hitting drums ticks all the boxes.Continue Reading

Atmospheric and perpetually on the cusp of something: ‘Truth Nugget’ is the latest single release from Canadian artist Helena Deland’s upcoming debut studio album ‘Someone New’. ‘Truth Nugget’ begins with a moody intro; fuzz and static that embrace you like a downpour on a lonely night, before a looming, waveringContinue Reading

Leeds-bred, London-based Ten Hands High’s indie summer track ‘6 Weeks’,which came to fruition after the rediscovery of an old instrumental from 2014, tells the story of a character “that doesn’t want to get too deep into a summer relationship”. The abrupt beginning and end, which launches into and out ofContinue Reading

Though self-described as “indiefolk synthwave”, to aptly label the genre Test Card Girl inhabits would require a slew of multi-hyphenates, for the solo project of Manchester-native Catherine Burgis is steeped in a veritable bounty of influences. The two-song EP ‘Holds Me Down’ gives a scintillating glimpse at what her debutContinue Reading

A short but ever so sweet banger, coming in at just over 3-minutes long – ‘Worth It’, the third and final single from London-based singer-songwriter beabadoobee’s upcoming studio debut ‘Fake It Flowers’, is a dream-tinged confessional wrought with punchy instrumentals and relatable lyrics. ‘Worth It’ is catchy from the getContinue Reading

Dream pop with an electric personality, Daydreamer provides feelings of just that. Boshe’s whimsical vocals complement the twinkling 80’s-esq backing track very well without overwhelming it, maintaining a sweet but controlled sound. The opening and underlying resonant synths add a new layer to the ethereal melody, that being one ofContinue Reading

Like the majority of the industry, Leeds’ own Cherry Fuzz Club have been cuttingly deprived of stages due to the worldwide pandemic that is COVID-19, just when the band were making promising inroads with a concoction of delicious new tunes. Luckily before lockdown hit, the boys managed to release theirContinue Reading

Aptly in time for the shifting of the seasons, Elkyn conjures a beautifully cosy, ambient-folk EP perfectly suited for the autumnal change. Recognised by the pseudonym Elkyn, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Joseph Donnelly released his debut EP ‘Beech’ in July of this year. Encompassed in a light and atmospheric soundscape, theContinue Reading

After a busy six months of rebranding, Leeds based alt-pop group Edited People have today released their intrepid new single ‘Natural Disaster’, which acts as a cornerstone for the band’s intriguing, pop fusion style. Taking influence from indie-pop and electronica, Edited People’s unique sound blows a breath of fresh airContinue Reading

Langkamer, a Bristol-based band of 2 years, released their ironically-titled newest single ‘Full Contact’ during the isolated no-touching normality of today’s global pandemic. The single opens with a strongly driven bass line, complimented by some country-esque chords. Lyrics such as “spit shine on your school shoes” and “28 and yourContinue Reading

Broken Boy, the new single from Barnsley dreampop band Weedipus, is deliciously captivating. Reminiscent of Wolf Alice, but distinctly more shoegazey, this track draws you in with a gritty guitar riff and then lifts you skyward with its dreamy vocals. The crashing drums and grungy guitar smash over each other,Continue Reading

Bursting open with an intimidating, grungey bass line, the track sets the scene for a thrashy post-punk soundscape. Yet, the contrasting introduction of delicate reverb-filled guitar melodies and shadowy vocals soon creates a dramatic balance between its heavier elements. The track’s dark aura radiates a strong melancholic ambience, which inContinue Reading

Before Me are an up-and-coming alternative rock trio, based in Leeds. The group’s latest release, ‘Do You Feel’, is an exciting encapsulation of their talent, hard work and creativity which help to create a truly unique sound. The title track is a melting pot of genres, one which straddles theContinue Reading

Photo: Robin Little / Redferns As far as impromptu gigs go, this one will take some beating. After opening surprise tickets to see these guys, I couldn’t wait to know when I was off to see Ellie Rowsell and the gang tear up London’s South End. The fact that theContinue Reading

Photo: Gary Mather I guess the perfect description of my excitement over the news of the Arctic Monkeys tour was me getting up early enough to have two laptops and my phone prepped for ticket release. Come the moment of rapture, I hit the refresh button on each of myContinue Reading

From the second the melodic ‘Singing in the Rain’ began playing through the main stage speakers in a typically eerie, Queens of the Stone Age fashion, a sense of electric anticipation disseminated amongst the crowd and I felt that this would be a performance I was unlikely to bare witnessContinue Reading

For fans of punk, or of music in general, Iggy Pop on stage at Finsbury Park resembled a living legend as he pranced around with no less energy than the previously-on-stage Run the Jewels rappers Killer Mike and El-P, despite being thirty-years their senior. My first impressions of Iggy Pop,Continue Reading

After waiting many years to see a childhood favourite of mine, The Hives did not disappoint. Instantly after jumping onto stage clad in half-black, half-white suits like a gang of an evil DC villain’s henchmen, the group broke into their loud and straight-to-the-point set. Where The Hives’ bassist and guitaristContinue Reading